Sidearm Cricket Ball Thrower

Sidearm Cricket Ball Thrower, and Throwing techniques. All about throwing!

The Sidearm cricket ball thrower is a real breakthrough in coaching, whether you be a top level coach or a parent teaching a child how to bat.

The Sidearm cricket ball thrower can really reduce muscle soreness but at the same time increase speeds of delivery of the ball.


With more practice using the Sidearm cricket ball thrower, you can achieve different types of delivery can be achieved from, in-swing or outswinging deliveries to off-cutters to leg breaks.


Tennis ball Thrower

The Tennis ball thrower was developed originally for throwing balls for dogs to retrieve, however, the tennis ball thrower is also a very handy coaching aid for catching practice etc. Young kids can learn to catch tennis balls and heavier rubber balls without hurting their hands too much.


Techniques in throwing a cricket ball

Overarm throw.

The overarm thrower is is generally wanting the greatest distance and accuracy, rather the the sidearm throw, which is harder to control. The overarm throw is actually not totally overarm, but halfway between sidearm and straight up. The overarm thrower is often near the boundary.


Sidearm throw.

The sidearm thrower is generally closer to the pitch and just wants a quick release of the ball with some power. The sidearm technique, can be very powerful, and some people who have shoulder issues rather use the sidearm method to save pain.


The sidearm  throw is generally not as accurate as the overarm or underarm throw, so is not used as often, though some players use it very regularly.


Underarm throw

The underarm thrower is close to the stumps, this saves time as the sidearm and overarm techniques take time to reach that level. The underarm throw is often involved in runouts. Many coaches to not coach this technique enough.

The trick with the underarm throw, is often to keep low and have your hand ready to flick the wrist and follow through. You will see many players lying prone after one of these throws as they have kept really low and cannot keep running. If you come up you will either miss the ball or throw the ball over the receiver's head!