Cricket Bat Repairs

Cricket Bat Repairs, fixing and Refurbishing

At The Batman Cricket we believe bat repairs and fix should be affordable.

Do you love your old faithful cricket bat? Does the bat still have a lovely middle and cricket ball still fly off it? We can save old faithful! We canr repair/refurbish almost any bat and get it right back into cricket playing mode again!

We have repaired huge cracks in bats, some you never would have thought that could be fixed.

We do most repairs to bats, including:

A prices are approximate values, as we really dont know what is required until you talk to and show your bat to our batman!

The Batman Cricket can generally fix most bats, but of course there are always ones that cannot be done. We can offer discount for any bat that cannot be fixed if it is traded in.

Contact us if you have any enquiries:

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