provide the best possible value cricket bat for your money. Each bat is hand picked by our bat slection guru who has over thirty years of experience from selection, consultancy and play, for quality and performance and value for your dollar.

The MAKO BATS brand has a range of bats from kids cricket up to international standard.

MAKO BATS know that when using a bat you need to feel confident with it out in the middle. MAKO BATS do this by combining a great feeling beautifully handcrafted bat with a lovely pick up and awesome middle.

Enquire about the MAKO BATS BAT range by emailing:
Many of the MAKO bats are custom made, so it would really benefit you to ask for a bat to your specifications and get one that suits you and feels a part of you.


TAKE A PHOTO of you using a MAKO bat and have it put up on the website. We will give you a free ball, or a 10 percent discount if your photo makes it up onto the MAKO website. Please include a sentence of where you are using the MAKO bat and how much you enjoy it. Check out the AWESOME MAKO SPECIALS at THE BATMAN store at!

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