The Batman presents: Looking after your cricket bat

The Batman presents: Looking after your cricket ba

Looking after your cricket bat

Cricket bats are made out of mostly natural materials. English willow, is very soft and has to be looked after. This leaves them prone to damage when hitting hard objects....such as the obvious cricket ball! Artifical concrete based pitches also can cause damage, especially when trying to hit a yorker.

However this is a simple checklist to help preserve your cricket bat for as long as possible.

  1. Knock in your cricket bat properly before using. we offer this service for minimal charge. Even for those people who purchased their bats somewhere else!

  2. Where possible, use a cricket bat facing to protect the bat from water and other damage. Facings do not noticably affect (if it affects it at all) the performance of a bat, but rather help protect it from much damage. Even the top cricketers use them. They want their favourite bats to last longer.

  3. Avoid cheap concrete hard cricket balls. (they are ok for knocking bats in and gentle throw downs and catches, but nothing else)

  4. Avoid contact with water!!!! This can be rainy weather or damp pitches. Water dries out the willow and makes the bat willow brittle. This can be on the face, edges or toe. If bat does become damp, dry it out and then re-apply a couple of layers of RAW LINSEED OIL.

  5. Dont share your bat with people THIS IS A BIGGIE!!! You know people may damage it. This sounds selfish, but the more people use your bat, the more likely it will break or become damaged. its not like a CD or bike where generally they are not used to throw around or hit things. Bats wear out quite quickly and the more people use it the quicker it will wear out or get damaged. (just like anything else you lend to someone).

  6. Try to avoid smashing yorkers. (this is one of the major damages that occurs). Most manufacturers will not warrantee a yorker damaged bat. (however Here at The Batman we will do our best to either fix or replace, especially if we knocked in the bat for you!). The most damaging shot you can play is a wide yorker, the corner of the cricket bat is the most fragile part of the bat.